Buying a Franchise: The Pros and Cons


An OMS Facilities Maintenance Franchise is the perfect way to own your own business and minimise the risks while you work on building a better mix of lifestyle and income.

Entering the business industry is not a settlement you make in just one day.

Aside from setting up operations precisely, considering finance works is a must to protect a business from bankruptcy. Building a trustworthy brand is a long-term liability with countless trials.

Franchising is one of the highly recommended ways to have your own business throughout the years. Far from scratch businesses, franchises offer great opportunities allowing entrepreneurs to own a business without apprehending common risks. Although buying a franchise is way better than starting up a business from scratch, acknowledging the advantages and disadvantages of it is necessary.

Pros of Franchising

    1. Less Time in Planning

    The business plan is usually a time-consuming portion in building a business. However, in franchising, overall planning is given by the franchisor. This means that plans like building design and construction, site selection, financing, and others are provided by the franchisor.

    2. Non-Costly

    Securing a franchise financially is more manageable and cheaper than starting your own business of the same variety. One of the benefits of the franchisor’s capabilities is their deep connections with suppliers who they have built partnerships with, generally offering exclusive discounts.

    3. Brand Value

    Since attracting customers is one the hardest parts of introducing a product or service to the market, selling a well-known brand is one of the assets franchisees offer for franchisees to meet high sales. Due to the high profile of a franchise, there’s less need to persuade customers to purchase.

    Lessened Risk

    Franchises are known for having a secured system of the corporation (franchisor) and have records of certified success. The corporation has a firm foundation to keep their stability, and thus, stability for their franchisees.

    Your pathway to an exciting future owning a
    Facilities Maintenance & Commercial Cleaning Franchise.

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    Cons of Franchising

        1. Limited in Self-Expressions

        Since franchises already have their overall plans and operations, franchisees are limited in adding their approach. However, our OMS Facilities Maintenance franchise appoints you a Support Manager where you can freely bring new ideas or suggestions for the improvement of the business or operations. Our franchise opportunities also offer flexible working hours to franchisees allowing them to enjoy more time with family and friends.

        2. Corporate Asks for Financial Background Report

        Franchisees must report financial information to the corporation (franchisor) for them to know the status of their business, and check their ongoing shared profit with the franchisees. This practice is essential to the OMS Facilities Maintenance franchise for consistent problem solving, allowing us to provide specific guidance to franchisees and help them to learn and grow.

        3. Sudden Destruction of Image

        Sometimes other franchisees’ bad service or performances may affect your franchise’s credit. Regular evaluation and proper guidance are the keys to avoid that. The OMS Facilities Maintenance franchise assures that every franchise is in a good state by implementing precise regulations, building rapport with the franchisees, and ensuring there is constant support and communication with your Support Manager.


        There are many advantages attached to buying a franchise, but disadvantages are inevitable in some cases.

        We are here to let you know that the OMS Facilities Maintenance franchise provides support to suppress any disadvantages and problems that can be dealt with by our franchisers. If you are looking at making a change, then an OMS Facilities Maintenance & Commercial Cleaning franchise is your pathway to an exciting future with unlimited growth potential.

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