Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

OMS Facilities Maintenance specialises in disinfection and sanitisation services. We have experienced and qualified teams that are on-hand for all your intense cleaning needs.

Our scope of work is tailored to your needs. Cleaning a surface simply means remove dirt, detritus and dust. Sanitising a surface makes that surface free of any visit contaminants that could impact your health. Sanitising is to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.



What is the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting?

It is easy (and tempting) to pile these terms together and use them interchangeably. ‘The desk has been disinfected’ versus ‘The desk has been cleaned’ may sound similar to a lay person; however, these two phrases actually carry very different meanings.

Your corporate cleaning company should know the differences and be responsible for ensuring things are done correctly. As your company representative it can be helpful to understand the industry terms and have a handle on the basic concepts and definitions, so you are able to ask the right questions and keep your commercial cleaning and management services on their toes.

Following the World Health Organisation declaring COVID19 a global pandemic, the importance and of sanitisation and disinfection has evolved and morphed into a more complex beast. These complexities will continue to grow with the ever-changing virus and science behind it expanding to accommodate updated hygiene requirements.

This makes selecting the appropriate commercial cleaning specialist that are committed to staying up to date with cleaning technology, protocols and current standards is all the more critical.


The first and most basic step to hygiene, cleaning is simply removing visible dirt or mess from a surface. This is a crucial step in the process as many organic matters can inactivate disinfectants. Removing this ‘soil load’ or dirt allows the next steps to take place effectively.

Mechanical Cleaning

This step entails giving the surface or area a thorough scrub – this is also known traditionally as applying a heaping of ‘elbow grease’.

Terminal Cleaning

This is a cleaning procedure used to decontaminate an area following the discharge of a patient with an infectious disease. This includes both cleaning and disinfection steps for environmental decontamination.


Once a surface has been cleaned the next step is to apply an antimicrobial solution for a set dwell time to remove most germs, viruses and fungi.


Disinfection is used in high touch and high trafficked areas that are likely to harbour pathogens as it is most effective at killing and removing harmful entities.

Dwell Time

Somewhat self-explanatory, dwell time refers to the amount of time a disinfectant or sanitisation product must be left on a cleaned surface or area to consider it ‘disinfected’ or ‘sanitised’.


Tiny organisms such as bacteria, virus, spore etc that cannot be seen without a microscope.


A microorganism that has ‘turned bad’ and can cause harm via illness or disease.

Environmental Cleaning

Routine environmental cleaning is the practise of regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and areas including both frequently and minimally touched surfaces.

There are two pathways to divide your routine sanitisation and disinfection efforts:

  1. Frequently Touched Surfaces

These include door handles, bedrails, tabletops, light switches and any other commonly touched objects.

  1. Minimally Touched Surfaces

These include harder to reach places such as ceilings walls, blinds and floors.

The type of disinfectant used depends on the material of the surface. According to the New England Journal of Medicine the virus can stay on copper up to 4 hours, cardboard up to 24 hours and plastic or stainless steel up to 72 hours.

Why use OMS Facilities Maintenance for your Disinfection and Sanitisation Services?

As a specialist commercial cleaning company with many years of cleaning experience and highly trained teams of sanitising cleaning experts, we are confident in our ability to deliver a highly successful clean for all types of businesses and locations.

For routine cleaning, disinfectants are usually only necessary if a surface has been contaminated with potentially infectious material. For this reason, when and how often a workplace should undertake disinfection as part of routine cleaning will depend on the likelihood of contaminated material being present at the workplace. For example, in a busy retail environment with many customers and others entering a workplace each day, more frequent disinfection is recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. By contrast, for a small work crew operating the same item of plant each day with little interaction with other people, routine disinfection in addition to daily cleaning may not be reasonably practicable.

OMS FM help you manage and document disinfection and sanitisation services, making your job easier and helping ensure the safety of your staff and clients.

Our Guarantee: We leave your site in a more sanitary, bacteria free condition than when it was handed to us!

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Our Guarantee: We leave your site in a better condition than when it was handed to us!

✔ Internationally accredited Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) & OHS Management Systems (ISO 45001)

✔ Nationally accredited in Cm3 for our safety, insurances and OHS standards in the industry

✔ Capability to cater for small events to large events with over 50,000 people

✔ Excellent communication before, during & after

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Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

We provide a customised service tailored to your disinfection & sanitisation cleaning needs such as:

• Deep Restaurant cleaning
• Full on-site management
• Waste disposal and management
• High pressure cleaning
• Factory & Public area cleaning
• Washroom and shower facilities cleaning

OMS FM Types of Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

We service all types of businesses no matter how small or how big including:

• Medical Centres
• School and education facilities
• Restaurant and food prep zones
• Factory and manufacturing
• Commercial Offices

Our disinfection cleaning clients include;
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance
Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance

Hamilton Harbour

“Owens Management Services (OMS) are the first commercial cleaning company we always approach because we know we will get our building looking very clean and presentable. They set up a thorough scope of works which continually updates with the changing conditions and the cleaners are put through a thorough training program and regularly monitored. As future contracts come up for tender, we will ensure OMS are invited as we have confidence in them.”

Sold Out National Event Management

“We used OMS for the cleaning and waste management services at our event in Gold Coast. We had 15,000 people attend. With this came a large amount of food trucks and toilets. OMS staff, led by Damien on the day, was absolutely brilliant. There were zero issues. The site was always clean, the bins always empty and they stayed late to ensure the site was left in an appropriate state. I highly recommend using OMS for the reasons listed above as well as the superb communication, flexibility and planning in the lead up stages.”

Teneriffe Festival

“Damian and his team take on the task of looking after the entire cleaning and overall waste management for the Teneriffe Festival… and it is an enormous task.  We have approximately 40,000 people in attendance, and the area is full of festival goers for 11 hours! OMS fully manages the whole day, looking after the bins, ground rubbish, general upkeep of the streets and fully maintaining the toilets. The post event clean-up brings the suburb back to its shiny beginnings, with a full team detailing the streets, gardens and pathways paying attention to every aspect to return it back to the Community in its full glory. As always there are some difficult curve balls throw in on the day which Damian and the team take it in their stride and get these issues sorted as a priority. A huge thank you to the OMS team for delivering another perfect event clean.” 

Towers of Chevron Renaissance

“We take pride in the contractors we deal with and in the past we have had a considerable amount of problems trying to find a reputable company that can provide a high level of excellence to the work they do. We now use OMS for all our external building maintenance of the three towers which includes the window cleaning and high pressure building wash downs and we are very happy for their service. They are very professional in the way they operate from providing good communication about what is happening (eg: due to weather conditions changing), where they are up to in their work and anything important that may need to be reported. They are the first company to return to fix anything that may have been missed without any excuse or complaint and they provide the service with absolute professionalism. We would gladly refer OMS to any other building managers requiring a dependable, all-encompassing cleaning service.”