Your pathway to an exciting future owning a
Facilities Maintenance & Commercial Cleaning Licence.

Looking for a great opportunity to buy into an existing national coverage commercial cleaning and facility maintenance company? One that can provide all the systems, training and leads to make great money and NOT PAY ROYALTIES OR MARKETING MONEY?

Look no further than OMS!

We are now selling simple and affordable licences per territory which are a flat fee per month. This means the more you make, the more you keep.

3 Months No Licence Fee

No Marketing Fees

Guaranteed 12 Months Income

Includes Sales Leads

No Royalties

Franchise Style Support

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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business, but been concerned about how to manage the risks?

An OMS Facilities Maintenance Licence is the perfect way to own your own business and minimise the risks while you work on building a better mix of lifestyle and income.

OMS stands for Owens Management Services, and we do exactly that—we ‘manage services’ in the commercial sector across all the different trades in Facilities Maintenance, including cleaning. The saying ‘Work on your business, not in it’, is the way we actually work. We utilise experienced trades (subcontractors) to complete the services on our behalf for our clients.

For nearly 20 years OMS has built a successful cleaning and facilities maintenance business in key locations across Australia. Leveraging our proven systems and reputation, we are now offering licence opportunities Australia wide.

Are you looking for a change—to stop working for wages or to escape the daily grind, or perhaps you don’t like being tied to an office? This licence gives you the freedom to see your clients at their properties, to inspect their maintenance needs and talk about the large array of services you can provide; all through the subcontractor model. As a one-stop-shop provider in a rapidly growing sector, there’s always a wide range of sales opportunities to secure clients and increase your income.

We invite you to explore this opportunity and get excited about the experience of owning an OMS Facilities Maintenance licence – it will change your life.

Now is the ideal time for an OMS Facilities Maintenance licence

The facilities maintenance and commercial cleaning sector is experiencing rapid increase in contracted-out services. An OMS licence owner is in a prime position to capitalise on any number of expanding opportunities. This continues to be driven by: 


  • Our ability to exploit and service niche markets
  • COVID-19; increased need for cleaning and sanitisation for health and safety compliance
  • Increasing business dependence on the service sector
  • The shift away from traditional job satisfaction in the corporate area
  • Rising demand for standardised quality, convenience and timely results
  • An increasingly difficult business environment for independent small business operations
  • The ease of using a one-stop-shop for facilities maintenance and commercial cleaning
  • A growing demand for licences because of a perceived lower risk in starting a new licence or buying an established, licenced business

An engaging mix of lifestyle & income


Lifestyle Choices


This business suits people who love to be able to go to different places and be out with people. While you do that, you are always seeking out opportunities. With facilities maintenance, you’ve got a solution for any potential client who has a problem. It’s very rewarding as you enjoy the people you get to know while building your business. You also have more flexibility with work hours, time with family, leisure or holidays, or to pursue other interests – your office is your phone and laptop, and you can take them anywhere.

Every Industry

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Education facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate companies
  • Government associations
  • Small & large businesses
  • Unit blocks & body corporates
  • Sporting facilities
  • Aged care
  • Medical
  • Industrial facilities
  • Events & more

Every Maintenance Service

  • ServiceScheduled/reactive plumbing

  • Scheduled/reactive electrical maintenance

  • Handyman services

  • Painting Landscaping & gardening

  • Fire services

  • Pest control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Roller door maintenance

  • Intercom security

  • Pool maintenance Line marking & more…

Every Cleaning Service

  • Ongoing commercial cleaning

  • Deep cleaning & fogging

  • Window cleaning

  • Abseiling window cleaning

  • Abseiling building wash

  • Steam carpet cleaning

  • Carpark cleaning

  • High water pressure cleaning

  • Epoxy coating hard surfaces Strip & seal services & more…

Our OMS Licence Training Program ensures you’ll have all you need to get underway:


  • Personal mentoring
  • Detailed Licencee Operations Manual
  • Established sales templates and existing marketing campaign for lead generation
  • Administration support
  • Account management support
  • Assist in recruiting subcontractors
  • Business management
  • Proven software and systems
  • OMS Help Line
  • Technical support
  • CRM system
  • And more…

You can simply come in and purchase an existing book of clients. In an area where there’s no book, you’re buying the model of how to do it.

We want you to succeed and to love what you do!

Low Business Expenses

Many licences require an office or a retail lease, or costly equipment and maintenance expenses – with an OMS licence, you don’t.

As an early OMS licence owner, you can easily work from home to save costs while you build traction. Costly lease or equipment outlays are not your problem! They are the responsibility of your subcontractors, as are any HR issues with their staff.

Here’s a list of things you don’t need with an OMS Facilities Maintenance licence:

  • No shopfront
  • No lease commitment
  • No hiring of staff (initially)
  • No staff sick days, arguments etc
  • No costly equipment
  • No equipment maintenance
  • No restriction on services to provide
  • No limit on income
  • No fixed hours
  • No limit of earning hours in a day
  • No shop or office hours
  • No physical jobs to do yourself
  • No gender specific requirements
  • No large working capital
  • No loss of income due to weather
  • No assets to sell at a loss if business doesn’t work out

Our Clients Include:

(A Division of Owens Management Services)

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Commercial Accreditation

Fully Qualified – Australia Wide

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