Cockroach & Crawling Insect

Cockroach and crawling insects

Cockroaches are one of the hotel kitchens biggest threats. Warmth, water and food scraps provide favourable conditions for mass reproduction of this light-shy pest.

Our commercial pest maintenance offers combined attractant and glue traps to detect pest activity early and estimate the scale of infestation in addition to the full range of traditional ‘attract and kill’ treatments such as the use of bait gels, liquid sprays, perimeter sprays and treating all crack and crevices.

What you can do

  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping.
  • Reduce and remove potential harbourage areas and breeding sites
  • Act on recommendations provided in the pest facility maintenance plan.

What our Commercial Pest Maintenance will cover

Determine cockroach and crawling insect’s infestation levels and locate harbourages

Detection, treatment and control
Insecticide treatment of critical areas:

  • Bring current infestation under control
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and control
  • Provide client with recommendations to assist in controlling pest activity

Insect detectors
Ongoing monitoring shows cockroach infestation – early detection of changes in levels of activity

  • Tamper resistant insect bait stations:
  • Use highly effective gel baits
    Specifically target insecticide placement.