Flying Insect Control

Flying Insect Pest Management

As potential carriers of harmful bacteria causing diseases, flies in the kitchen or restaurant pose a real health risk to your staff and guests..

Our commercial pest maintenance offers a range of highly effective fly control solutions. Our systems work with a sticky board, which attracts insects using UVA light and captures them hygienically, eliminating contamination risks from debris.

Fly control units achieve very high catch rates and our units have proven their effectiveness in a wide range of environments and situations

What you can do

  • Clean up food residue and rubbish
  • Proof doors and windows with fly screens
  • Act on the recommendations provided in the maintenance plan

What our Commercial Pest Maintenance will cover

Detection, Treatment and Control

  • Different Fly Control units suitable for different environments
  • Attract flying insects with A-band UV light
  • Captures and encapsulates flying insects with slow winding adhesive film or Sticky Board
  • All units have shatter-proof globes for added safety
  • Variety of colour options and unit styles to blend in with Decor
  • Perfect for front or back of house operations
  • Time mist units – pyrethroid flying insect auto spray