Stored Product Insect Control

Supplies in hotel kitchens and storage areas are a tempting source of food for many uninvited guests.

Flour moths and various beetles can contaminate a variety of foods when brought into the premises with packaged food items or by flying in through an open window.

This means hotels lose valuable goods damaged by feeding and excrement, webs and shed skin. Harmful mould spores can also result from the warmth and moisture created by the infestation.

Our commercial pest Maintenance can protect your ingredient stocks with a range of highly effective monitoring and control systems.

What our Commercial Pest Maintenance will cover

Trained technicians throroughly inspect and evalute premises

Detection, treatment and control
Treatment of critical areas:

  • Bring current infestation under control
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and control

Insect detectors

  • Ongoing monitoring shows insect activity
  • Proactively help pinpoint infested material and stock

Pheromone moth traps:

  • Strategically located to mointor insect activity
  • Contain a female pheromone as an attractant
  • Inspect and replace regularly
  • Proactive- can help localise moth activity to infested stock