Why do we need Pest Control?

Pests are usually a significant problem whether in the workplace or in public places, where when infested can be harmful to human and animal health. All kinds of pests carry numerous bacteria and viruses. Pest contamination in food can cause high health risks that can lead to chronic illness including asthma, allergies, and microbial infections. Pests can also damage properties that cost a lot to re-establish.  

Prompt consultation with the pest management industry is the way to eliminate any kinds of pests. Our OMS pest control services involve coming up with a solution, so that we can protect your building, your employees and your visitors from harmful insects that can induce common health issues and other problems. There are various methods in getting rid of different kinds of pests. As pest control specialists, here are the most efficient methods to rid specific types of pests which are also safe for children, foods and pets.

Bed bugs are one of the smallest pests, also known as a parasite that absorbs blood from humans and animals. Bed bugs usually hide on bed sheets and fabrics so that they can quickly get onto human or animal skin to absorb blood and reproduce. You will not sense the bite of bed bugs at first, but you will feel suddenly itchy. The bed bug’s bite can be compared to a mosquito bite which confuses people and therefore not taken seriously. With OMS, you are in good hands. We are experts at determining where the bed bugs hide. After the cleaning session, we seal the room or space for 24 hours and provide follow-up treatment.

Bird Control Solutions

Letting birds have the freedom to fly is necessary because it is their right to live a peaceful life, but not to the point where it causes harm to humans and other animals. For us to ensure the safety of birds, we offer bird prevention netting and other safe bird control solutions.

Cockroach and Crawling Insects Control

Other dangerous pests are cockroaches and crawling insects that are also known as light-shy pests which are often found in hidden and dirty parts of buildings. These types of pests can transmit diseases to humans and animals that need immediate treatment to prevent them from getting worse.

Our services set a food attractor as a trap and glue insects using bait gels. We also use liquid and perimeter sprays to kill insects and to keep them away. In addition to preventive measures, OMS can fix damaged properties and clean contaminated areas.

Flying Insect Control

Flying insects are kinds of pests that have more potential in transmitting bacteria and viruses causing a health risk to humans. These flying insects are often found in open areas and public places like restaurants that may affect the health of staff and customers. Our commercial pest maintenance provides an effective method to attract flying insects by using UVA light and catching them using a sticky board.

Rodent Control

Pests like rats and mice are known to spread up to 35 diseases across the globe that can cause illness and even worse, death. Diseases can be transmitted by rat bites and absorbing food or water contaminated with rat saliva and urine as well as their hair. There are various kinds of rats roaming around the world, to eliminate this kind of pest will be dependent on the kind of rat a building has. We usually perform an inspection of the area before proceeding with our professional rodent solutions. 

Stored Product Insect Control

This kind of pest is beetles that usually contaminate raw food materials and damage the quality of food to be served to humans and animals. Infestation of this pest can induce critical damage to a business’s stock materials that lead to the eventual destruction of a company’s name. After performing a thorough inspection, we will trap those pests using female pheromone as an attractant and keep them away from the area.

Termite Control

Termites can have a costly damage that can cause a big problem to building owners over the years. Termites can damage trees, but more frequently, properties made by woods. To prevent this kind of pest infestation, we can provide barrier treatments and put a termite bait station on your property. We can also conduct a regular inspection to keep such areas termite-free.

Controlling pests is a large-scale task to do it yourself. It is important to stay in touch with your pest control maintenance provider to guarantee that your business, your employees, and your customers, are safe from any diseases. OMS offers free site inspections and free quotes to help assist with all reactive pest control solutions and all preventative pest management solutions.

OMSFM Insect Treatment Table

Pest Common Problem OMS Solution OMS Experience
Bed Bugs This parasite spreads easily are complex to treat, and are typically found on and around beds, skirting boards and cupboards. OMS provides the following solutions: inspections, determine infestation levels and locate harbourage areas, and treatment and control. Our treatment of affected rooms also include the room being sealed for 24 hours. OMS has a specialist team on hand that is skilled at detection, treatment and control of bed begs.
Birds A bird infestation can be very costly to businesses through all the time and resources spent continuously cleaning up droppings and removing nests from buildings. OMS offers several bird proofing solutions including bird netting which prevents birds from accessing to all structural configurations.  Our other bird deterrent systems include bird spikes, bird shock systems, bird trapping, post & wire systems, and high pressure removal of bird droppings. OMS has a specialised bird control division, and is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected suppliers and installers for bird deterrent solutions and systems.
Cockroaches & Crawling Insects Cockroaches are a big threat to properties. They favour warmth, food scraps and crannies for mass reproduction. OMS offers combined attractant and glue traps to detect pest activity early and estimate the scale of infestation. We also offer a full range of traditional ‘attract and kill’ treatments such as bait gels, liquid sprays, perimeter sprays and crack and crevice dusting. OMS has skilled technicians available that are highly trained in the detection, treatment and control of cockroaches.
Flying Insects Flys and other flying insects are potential carriers of harmful bacteria causing health diseases. OMS offers a range of highly effective fly control solutions in which our systems work with a sticky board which attracts insects using UVA light and captures them hygienically, eliminating contamination risks from debris. OMS has highly skilled technicians that can assess different fly control units suitable for different environments. Each team member is experienced in detection, treatment and control of flying insects.
Rodents Rodents spread many infections and diseases which pose a grave health risk to humans. OMS offers a wide range of professional rodent solutions including monitoring systems, rodenticides and non-toxic control methods. OMS has experienced technicians that can assess the relevant rodent solution designed to suit the particular characteristics of the protected area, regardless of whether it is outdoors, a storage area, moist or west area, or highly sensitive preparation environment.
Stored Product Insects Stored product insects such as moths and beetles can contaminate a variety of foods. This means buildings such as hotels lose valuable goods damaged by feeding and excrement, webs and shed skin. OMS can protect your ingredient stocks with a range of highly effective monitoring and control systems. OMS has trained technicians who thoroughly inspect and evaluate the premises, and use methods to bring the infestation under control.
Termites Termites can cost building owners a significant amount of money to repair the property, with CSIRO studies having found that 1 in 5 properties will be attacked by termites. OMS offers comprehensive termite services including targeting colonies treatment, bait stations, barrier treatments, and ongoing monitoring and inspections. Our pest management role is to support your property through inspections, detections, reporting, and recommendations on the best solution. OMS has experienced termite control technicians, that are able to determine if there are termites in or near your property through our comprehensive termite inspections. All our inspections, treatments and reporting are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.


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