The impact of a clean workplace is often overlooked however having a clean work environment significantly impacts employees and your success as a business. We’ve summarised 8 key reasons why cleaning is important in the workplace:

1. Cleaning prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses
An alarming amount of research highlights the jaw-dropping statistics of bacteria and germs within the average workplace, with the average office desk now home to more than 10 million bacteria (400 times more germs than a toilet seat). This is heavily costing companies around Australia due to the high amount of absenteeism and sickness. You can beat the spread of germs by regularly disinfecting surfaces and objects with the appropriate hospital-grade chemicals and disinfectants. Contact us to learn more about how you can eliminate the spread of illnesses and bacteria within your specific premise.

2. Employees are happier in the workplace
With the average employee spending upwards of 8 hours a day in an office, it is safe to say they consider their workplace a second home. It is important to make sure employees are comfortable in their work environment. It is well-known that your immediate surroundings affect your state of mind, and this couldn’t be more true for an office environment. Research shows a clean, tidy office evokes positive feelings among employees while an unclean, disorganised office evokes negative emotions. To maintain happy employees is it important to ensure your workplace is always left clean, bright and fresh.

3. Employees are more productive in the workplace
An increasing amount of research shows that clean offices help boost employee productivity while messy, unclean workplaces diminish people’s mental resources and therefore reduce their persistence in completing tasks. A clean working environment has been proven to boost employee productivity through: increased focus and concentration, decreased stress, decreased wasted time and increased employee morale. Do not underestimate the impact of a clean workplace.

4. Reduces the amount of slips, trips and falls in the workplace
Slips, trips and falls are the second highest type of injuries to occur within the workplace in Australia. Injuries like these leave companies with a large number of costs and repercussions. It is important to maintain thoroughly clean and dry floors to ensure the prevention of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. There are a wide range of floor cleaning products and equipment that serve different purposes for different industries. Not all cleaning chemicals will suit all flooring and can in fact be detrimental. Contact us to discuss the right floor cleaning products and equipment for your premise.

5. Improves air quality in the workplace
Poor air quality in the workplace can have a number of negative effects on staff health and wellbeing such as allergies, respiratory illnesses and skin problems. You may not see them, but dusts and vapours are hazardous substances that can create an unsafe environment for employees. Indoor air pollution is among the top 5 environmental risks to public health, with indoor air quality now 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. Regularly cleaning and replacing HVAC system filters helps to prevent saturation, microbial growth and odour concerns. Reach out to a us to discuss ways to improve your building’s ventilation.

6. Increases the longevity and functionality of your assets
Your office equipment, furniture and other valuable assets need to be properly maintained to ensure a long functional lifespan. These assets also include your physical building, carpets, windows, toilets, and every other fixture you can think of. With the right commercial cleaning products and equipment, you can increase the longevity and functionality of these assets. One of the mistakes business owners make is that they do not view these items as assets. Items such as these – for example carpets – need to be properly maintained to maximise return on investment. Contact us if you’d like to learn about our new technology that helps increase the lifespan of your assets while saving you costs.

7. You have a waste disposal plan
Regular and proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials is necessary in the workplace to ensure a clutter-free environment that does not harvest a breeding ground for pests. Piled up trash not only adds clutter but is the exact place where pesticides can reside and multiply. With regular waste disposal plans, companies save themselves a significant amount of money on pest control. Contact us to find out how you can improve your workplace’s waste disposal plan.

8. Your company has a better image in the public eye
The cleanliness of a workplace is probably not the first thing that comes to a business owner’s mind, however, it is one of the key aspects to a successful business. The saying couldn’t be more true – first impressions are everything. It’s important to remember that employees are not the only ones that roam through a workplace but also clients, suppliers, investors and the general public. A clean and tidy workplace instills confidence and trust with clients, implies superior, quality products and services, and leaves a good impression of yourself as an employer and of the company. Contact us if you’re looking for new cleaners or just looking to improve your current standard of cleaning.

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