Bird Control Solutions

Bird Control

With nearly 20 years of bird control experience across a diverse range of industries, OMS Can provide respected suppliers and installers of bird deterrent solutions and systems.

The longer a bird infestation remains, the more expensive it will become. By continuously spending time and resources cleaning up droppings and removing nests off buildings, you will notice an increase in costs that could have been avoided if you had simply invested in bird proofing such as netting from the beginning.

Bird netting denies pest birds access to most architectural configurations including courtyards, rooftops, awnings, parking garages, warehouses, aviation hangers, aqua culture, agricultural applications etc.

Although we offer a wide range of bird deterrent solutions and systems, we recommend bird prevention netting as the best option due to it being the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world, as it creates an impenetrable bird barrier that guarantees to keep all pest bird species out.

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Our range of bird deterrent systems include:

• Bird Netting

• Bird Spikes

• Bird Shock Systems

• Post & Wire Systems

• Bird Trapping

• Bird Shooting

• High Pressure Removal of Bird Droppings