Cleaning technology has come a long way in protecting your fabrics, floors and fixtures with one of the most recent advancements – nano coating technology.

Nano is 1000 times smaller than an atom which allows it to penetrate into the surface affecting the density which gives it a repelling ability that protects against water, dirt, stains, grease, fingerprints and many more. The best part is the coating only needs to be applied every 12 months to retain its integrity.

Nano coating technology can be applied to the following:
• Carpets
• Fabric/upholstery furniture
• Glass including entry doors and shower glass
• Stainless steel including lifts, landing doors, balustrades and railings.

What are the benefits from applying nano coating?
• Significantly reduced cleaning frequency, saving you energy, time and money
• Reduction in the use of cleaning agents by up to 70%
• When cleaning, only a damp cloth without strong chemicals is required
• Structure, look and shine remains with no visible changes
• Long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease, algae and fingerprints
• Ecologically beneficial and biologically safe.

1. Nano Coating for Fabrics
Nano coating is a powerful sealant that waterproofs and protects almost all types of textiles and fabrics from water, dirt, contaminants and stains, whilst remaining completely invisible. It does not affect a fabric’s appearance, its ability to breath, its colour or its feel. The formulation provides optimal protection, with potential contaminants unable to penetrate into the surface.

2. Nano Coating for Carpets
Beverage stains are a thing of the past thanks to the powerful water-repellent and anti-stain protective properties that nano coating does for all carpets, rugs and other similar materials. It is eco-friendly, cost-effective and perfect for all natural and synthetic carpets and textiles. Nano coating extends the lifespan of all applied materials and has a 12-month long potency.

nano coating technology

3. Nano Coating for Balustrades and Railings
Once applied, nano coating gives you the optimal protection against all forms of dirt and pollutants for all stainless-steel fixtures. Almost everything can simply be removed or cleaned with a damp cloth. Dirt, oil and fingerprints will be removable with just a wipe, without any effort, as they only stay on the top of the surface – saving you time and money on chemicals and aggressive cleaning agents.

nano coating technology

4. Nano Coating for Lifts
Applying the protective coating to lifts puts an end to stains, grease and other sediments. The coating has a nano scale hydrophobic formula providing a long lasting, ultra-thin protection and a durable easy-to-clean surface effect. It is suitable for all metal or chrome plated surfaces and is a lifesaver for frequented lifts.

nano coating technology

5. Nano Coating for Glass

Nano coating has very diverse practical applications for glass however the key benefits for glass application include easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties, along with enhanced durability. It is a revolutionary coating that has made a worldwide impact on many types of glass.

nano coating technology

Contact OMS is you would like a quote for nano coating or if you would like to learn how your commercial premises can benefit from nano protective coating.

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